Thayer Joins Counseling Staff


Isabelle Katz (she/her)

Thayer smiles in her office.

Jennifer Thayer, Campo’s newest counselor, joined the staff in the 2022-23 school year. This follows her previous work as a counselor at De Anza High School in Richmond.

Thayer counsels students whose last names start with letters A through E, and she has worked throughout the 1st quarter to form connections with them. “The students have made it really nice and welcoming,” Thayer said.

“[Ms. Thayer] didn’t need as much… training like someone brand new to the profession or to our district might need,” said Head Counselor Duane Magno “So my 1st impression was that she was eager, enthusiastic, and had a good amount of experience to come right in work with our students.”

Senior Annika Burmester initially met Thayer to change her schedule at the beginning of the year, and thought she was helpful. “She had my best interest in mind and helped me figure out what to do,” Burmester said.

Magno added that Thayer is “definitely interested in being a part of the Campo community, which I think is probably her best quality.” Still, Magno recognizes that, for counselors, “the start of the school year is a very busy time. Students are asking questions about their classes and about college and their grades. To somebody brand new coming in, it’s an especially busy and challenging time. But, again, I think she has a really positive attitude.”

All of Campo’s counselors are happy she’s part of the department, Magno said, and they look forward to “working with her for years to come.”

“My department and colleagues have been kind and helpful,” Thayer said. “I am happy to learn different platforms to excel in and ultimately to work with many students in achieving their hopes, goals and dreams throughout high school and beyond.”