Liverpudlian Society Makes Comeback Over 20 Years Later

In 1997, Math Teacher Petro Petreas started the Liverpudlian Society as a junior– a Beatles fan club with a few of his friends. After Petreas and his co-founders graduated, the club disappeared for over 20 years.

Recently, junior Suraya Mathai-Jackson, a Beatles fan, has revived the club along with vice presidents juniors Valerie Yarve and Nina Damiano. The club hopes to welcome a diverse group of people and meets once a month at lunch in B11, Petreas’s room.

Originally, the Liverpudlian Society “listened to some Beatles music [and] watched Beatles movies,” said Petreas. He added, “Our club often sold samosas because the Beatles were into Indian culture. And so we sold some and made money doing that.”

Mathai-Jackson, a yearbook student, first learned about the club from a photo of the original club from the 1998 yearbook, and thought “why not” revive it?

She stated that her “goal in creating the club was to create one of Campo’s older clubs and create a space for anyone to come enjoy music.” Mathai-Jackson added that gatekeeping, or trying to remove a niche from the public, “is a big problem in the music community, so I want the club to feel like a space for anyone to enjoy, whether or not they are the biggest fans of the Beatles, even if they don’t know anything about them.”

Damiano agreed, adding that “I hope as club leaders [Suraya, Valerie, and I] can create a supportive place where people from all different grades can hang out comfortably.”

When the club was first revived, Petreas hoped that “[the club] will listen to some music or talk about it.”

Mathai-Jackson will do her best to uphold this wish. She plans on having the next meeting a few weeks from now in B11, where she hopes to compare the original Revolver album with the remixed version.