Book Club Back in Business


Sebastian Whitfield (he/him)

Campolindo Book Club met for 1st time this year.

Parker Blau (she/her), Staff

Run by President junior Katelyn Shipman, Vice President junior Fia Bartos, and Secretary junior Sonam Mangu, Campo’s Book Club is back in full swing and ready for meetings this school year with the first meeting on August 23 in the campus library. 

During spring of last year, the club’s senior class leaders became busy with school and were not able to keep up with holding meetings. The current junior class swept in for the rescue, reviving the club and cultivating its meetings once again. 

Each month, members decide on a different genre of book, and they are expected to bring their own individual books and discuss a chapter at meetings. Rather than the standard structure of most book clubs, where members read the same book collectively, students instead bring different books and discuss their predictions for their choice in order to promote conversation. 

Meetings will be held weekly on Tuesdays during lunch. Students may bring their food into the library and sit around a large table to cultivate conversation. Snacks and candy are provided as well. 

Book Club adviser Sarah Morgan attends the meetings as a “guide on the side.” Morgan said, “I want students to feel like they don’t have to read and just join us and listen, hopefully being able to make new friends. Even if you’re not a big reader, you should still come to enjoy the social aspect.”

As its main goal is to foster creativity and open conversation, the environment is “very welcoming and open,” said junior Naina Srivastava. “We strive to create a safe atmosphere to talk about books without any sort of pressure so we can all relax in the library.”

Members are always encouraged to join, as the club finds its footing in the new school year. 

“Book Club is an amazing opportunity to meet new people. We can learn about books, promote conversations about reading, and hang out,” said Shipman.