Choir Comes Together for Pops Concert

The Campolindo Choir held its annual ‘Pops Concert’ on April 13 and 14. All 5 choirs at Campolindo came together to sing pop music for the school, being the very 1st pops concert for all underclassmen.

There are 5 choirs at Campo this year: the Treble Choral is the freshman girls choir who performed a Taylor Swift medley, the Bass Ensemble includes sophomore and freshman boys who sang songs including the Adams Family intro, the sophomore girls in the Treble Ensemble did a Disney princess medley, the Chamber Singers did many songs and skits in between, and the Concert Choir for all juniors and seniors did all Beach Boys.

The freshman girls did the Taylor Swift mashup with many beloved songs and some dance moves – the audience was singing along and cheering for the freshman. Concert Choir member junior Kylie Williams said, “I was so glad everyone had the chance to experience this concert, this is my favorite 1 because it is just so much fun. I really enjoyed doing it for the 2nd time, since the 1st was my freshman year. I also was looking around and I saw all the underclassmen and I think they all really liked it.”

The underclassmen boys did 2 songs, including 1 from the Adams Family. The crowd was cheering especially when they started their dance moves and the conga line. Boys’ Bass Ensemble member sophomore Aiden Connolly said, “I think it was a ton of fun, I felt like I could really be myself on stage. Everyone was screaming and shouting for us and it was really cool to hear the enthusiasm.”

The Chamber Singers dressed up in costumes and sang songs including “Mr. Sandman” by The Cordettes and “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” by Shania Twain. There were many members who were highlighted during their solos.

Following the theme with the costumes, the sophomore girls showed up in tiaras to go along with the Disney princess theme in their setlist. Williams said, “The sophomore choir was 1 of my favorites because their voices sounded so good, and I loved the Disney theme. It was so cute. The solos were also really well done.”

Lastly, the Concert Choir did their Beach Boys medley. This choir is known as the backbone of the Campo music program because it is all upperclassmen and it is the biggest with over 90 members. After they finished, all the students crowded the stage to sing “Dynamite” by BTS together.

This event is always special because it helps to drum up support for the choir program and encourage new students to join, as well as allowing choir members to get to know each other better, especially between different grades. Connolly added, “I made a lot of new friends throughout the pops concert, during our last song ‘Dynamite’ there were a ton of people from different choirs and we were all dancing together and it was just awesome.”