Senior Tradition Provides Bonding

Senior Assassins, an end-of-year activity for seniors where groups of 4 have a common goal of eliminating opponents with water guns, started on April 26.

The game is played in week-long rounds, with each round lasting from Monday at 3pm to Sunday at midnight. The entire game will last 4-6 weeks, meaning it could last up to May 16.

Players are randomly assigned a team to target for each round, and if they fail to eliminate every player on the opposing team by their deadline, they are eliminated.
According to senior Bradford Martin, “I have been very intense, everyone seems to be very competitive. It seems a little stressful which is good and bad”.

“My team has already got all the people we need to get out, although we could still get eliminated by another team assigned to us,” added Martin.

Even with the festivities, restrictions include players not being allowed to go after opponents between the school hours of 8am and 3:50pm. Competitors are also not allowed to go after opponents at religious locations, during extracurriculars, while they are working, or in private locations.

Senior Jack Piper said, “I’m sure [senior assassins] was organized well, although the rules seemed kind of vague or kind of limited in terms of how to play the game from what I saw on the instagram. However I think for a game like this there has to be strict rules to follow school and COVID guidelines. Therefore safezones and such need to be there.”

Senior Sydney Roberts said, “I would say it’s been harder because of COVID-19, especially since all of the teenagers are held back from a lot of fun activities seniors used to get to do, and with some people online it’s way harder to lure them out of their house.”

“I was out a day and a half in at the front of my house. My experience was super fun but also really scary because I didn’t expect it to be at my house at that time,” added Roberts.

Roberts recommended participating for the rising seniors: “…there is a lot of adrenaline, chaos, and facetime calls; but it is a lot of fun to do.”