Seniors Celebrate Post-Grad Plans

The house map reveals a variety of schools seniors have chosen for next year.

The annual College and Career Center decision celebration and the spring National Letter of Intent Recognition (NLI) Ceremony combined to commemorate seniors’ post-graduation plans in the quad on May 3. The event featured free food for student and parent attendees, catered by Johnny’s Donuts and Kona Ice.

The NLI ceremony started at 11:15 AM and gave students who committed to college athletics programs the chance to be recognized by their peers, families, and coaches in person.

Senior Owen Lekki participated in the ceremony for his commitment to run cross country and track at Davidson College. “It was really fun…with so many athletes going off to so many great schools I think it’s really important to appreciate them and show them how amazing of an accomplishment that is,” said Lekki.

Many students sported sweatshirts and t-shirts to rep their college decisions.

Senior Vishal Lashkari, who will be attending Duke University in the fall, wore a Duke shirt to “show some school spirit.”

“It was fun to see where my classmates were going, especially those that I had lost touch with over the past year,” said Lashkari, adding, “I am still doing fully remote learning so I hadn’t seen a lot of my peers in a while and it was nice to catch up in person. It’s quite different this year, not being able to simply walk up to someone and ask them what their college/future plans are.”

Students also participated in paper house decorating, a College and Career Center tradition where students make a house to show off their plans for next year. The mini houses are then pinned onto a large corkboard map displayed in the A Hall.

“The kids can make houses for the schools they’re going to, whether it’s community college or a 4 year school…but also kids who are taking a gap year or working or going abroad, we celebrate all those things,” said college and career advisor Joan Batcheller.

“It’s nice to see the breakdown of where everyone’s going,” said senior Megan Riepe, who placed her mini house for Reed College in Oregon. “I think the map as a concept is really cool, but things like the [@campocollege21] Instagram are helpful to see individual posts,” she added.

“I also took the opportunity to write letters to some of my teachers, showing my gratitude and appreciation for the help they’ve given me in regards to writing letters of recommendation and the like,” added Lashkari, referring to a table set up to encourage students to write thank you notes for teachers who made an impact on their 4 years at Campo.

According to Lashkari, some highlights from the event included when “a water pipe burst on the top of the gym which was quite the attraction as it created a miniature waterfall near the girls’ locker room. Other than that it seemed like the shaved ice truck saw a lot of traffic on such a beautiful day.”

“I was nervous about going because I haven’t been around that many people in over a year, but I’m glad I went. It made me more excited about senior celebration and graduation and everything,” said Riepe.

“Being so close to the end is a very weird feeling…next few weeks are going to be jammed with the last of sports seasons, AP tests, finals, and senior activities. I just have to hope that I can get through it all and come out on the other side,” said Lekki.