In-Person Time of Reflection Marks End of Senior Year

Graduating seniors and members of the Campolindo faculty will come together for the annual Time of Reflection event on May 23 from 2:00 to 3:00 PM. While the Time of Reflection is usually held at Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church (MVPC), it will take place in the school’s quad this year to adhere to COVID-19 safety measures. Parents will not be allowed to attend, but the event will be livestreamed so they can watch as well.

The theme of this year’s Time of Reflection will be “The Light at the End of the Tunnel.”

The planning committee, chaired by Senior Class President Noel Seo and advised by Leadership teacher Lindsay Webb-Peploe and social studies teacher Dino Petrocco, has been meeting every other Monday for the past several weeks. At each meeting, the committee focuses on subjects ranging from the budget to the speakers.

English teacher Jake Donohoe will be the faculty speaker this year. At the meeting on May 3, the committee selected seniors Kimo Okamura and Leila Stoll as the student speakers.

“I wanted to speak at Time of Reflection because I had just been thinking a lot in general about what I’ve learned and how I’ve changed as a person throughout high school and the pandemic, and thought that speaking at the time of reflection ceremony would be a cool way to share my thoughts with others,” said Stoll.

The event will also include “jazz band music, choir performances and a guitar duet,” according to Seo.

Petrocco, who has served as the faculty speaker before but is in his 1st year as a member of the planning committee, likes the event “because it’s almost entirely, 100% student-driven and student-focused” and has “enjoyed being part of the thought process behind which speakers to choose and the emphasis and focus, in terms of the theme of the Time of Reflection.”

In addition to the chance to hear from a faculty member who “imparts wisdom,” Petrocco said that the event is “an opportunity for some kids, who may not necessarily be the 1st person you would think of who might give a speech in front of their peers, [to have] a platform for them to do that.”

“It will be 1 of the 1st times that our senior class will be together,” said Seo. “As a class faced with a challenging junior and senior year, we have many thoughts and things to reflect on. Hopefully this opportunity can allow us to reconnect with our peers and provide a bit of closure before we graduate later that week.”

“This special event has been a tradition and favorite of many Campo alumni and that spirit will be preserved,” Seo said.

“I encourage all seniors to go and participate and just be there. It’s just a really nice afternoon,” Petrocco added.