Water Bottle Drive Highlights National Philanthropy Week

In honor of National Philanthropy Week, Campolindo created an opportunity for students to participate in a service and help those in need with a Water Bottle Drive.

Campolindo accepted water bottle donations from April 21 through April 30. Students brought their old reusable water bottles to drop offs located in the quad, room E-9, and the office.

The water bottle donations will go in care packages for the homeless in Oakland. Leadership advisor Lindsay Webb-Peploe explained, “When people are homeless, they often need water and a reusable one allows them to get the water they need and carry it around.”

Freshman Maya Carrasco donated to the drive. “I think the importance of the drive is to give back to those in need, the earth and other people. By donating used water bottles we are giving to those who are really struggling and we are also helping our planet by reusing something rather than taking more from it,” says Carrasco.

The water bottle drive was a huge success, according to the organizers. “I couldn’t believe it,” said Webb-Peploe.