Seniors Treated to Town Bakery Breakfast

Campo moms pass out breakfast and chocolate milk to seniors.

Despite a year without many senior-year activities, parent volunteers and Leadership hosted the senior breakfast for students on April 15 and 16. Cohort C picked up their food from Town Bakery on Wednesday and cohorts A and B went to the quad before school on their in-person day for Block 2.

The 15 was also the big reveal for the Senior Festival, which will take place on May 15. The parent volunteers announced the theme as CampoLands, a spin on the music festival Outside Lands. With their breakfast, seniors were given a VIP ticket to the event with information on what to expect at the celebration.

The food served was from the local restaurant Town Bakery, mostly breakfast burritos, with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Seniors were also given chocolate milks and a chocolate chip cookie to go alongside their breakfasts.

Seniors attending in-person classes were greeted in the quad with music, games, decorations, and enthusiastic leadership students and parent volunteers.

Since cohort C is not on campus, students picked up their breakfasts from Town Bakery. A downside for this group was that, for them, the event was simply a drive through, and there was little socializing or spirit.

Senior Bradford Martin, who is in cohort C, said that the breakfast was “a solid effort to make things normal” but that, inevitably, those who were able to eat it with other people had a better time than people in C who just went home afterwards.

ASB President Sophie Webster, who attended through Leadership on Thursday and as a member of cohort B on Friday, said, “I think it’s great that we were finally able to have some version of a senior breakfast and it was nice to see everyone hanging out. Just seeing everyone sitting together and talking was cool.”

Senior rally leaders Maxwell Weaver and Jake Dashiell lively sang karaoke throughout the event, including a key performance from the Frozen soundtrack.

“The rally leaders were very entertaining with karaoke so thanks to them for helping make the breakfast more spirited,” said Webster.

“I liked the music and getting to eat with people I normally don’t. And it was fun to see some people in Leadership who aren’t in cohort A,” said senior Katie Strohmeyer.