Wellness Center Moves Outside During Hybrid

The Wellness Center has relocated outside in an effort to be COVID-19 safe since the commencement of hybrid.

A Wellness representative is seated at a desk outside the library with a setup of chairs, a carpet, and plants.

Students are encouraged to visit at all times for 15-minute blocks of time, although additional time is allowed.

Trainee Michelle Reese said, “we had to move the wellness center outside, we are not seeing students in the wellness center anymore. There are QR codes in classrooms so when you are in a crisis you have to scan the code and refer yourself that way. It’s in real time so we’ll get it immediately and see what services we can offer you.”

Understandably, privacy could be an issue as the wellness center has been moved to a very public setting. In order to remedy the lack of privacy, Reese said, “We are trying to get wall space so it is not so open and we are also walking around campus and sitting in areas where there are no students.”

“Sometimes, last year, I would go to check in and say hello to the people working there because they’re super nice,” said sophomore Caroline McCool, “I think people who are nervous about COVID will make them feel a little bit better about going to the wellness center because it is outside.”