Wellness Newsletter Promotes Pandemic Self-Care

Wellness Center Newsletter

Alexandra Montee

Wellness Center Newsletter

In an effort to reach out to the Campolindo community during distance learning, Wellness Center advisors developed the Wellness Center Newsletter to inform students about recent news and activities and promote self-care strategies.

When students attended school on campus, they were able to visit the Wellness Center whenever feeling sad, stressed, or overwhelmed. However, as all of their services are now directly through Zoom, the amount of people who usually reach out for help has decreased.

Wellness Intake Specialist Liana McCann explained the importance of student wellness accessibility. “Our hope is that students will realize that Wellness is for everyone. We all need to take care of our mental health, no matter the size of our struggles. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and we can do small things every day to benefit our well-being,” she said.

The Wellness Newsletter strives to help with exactly this. From tips on how to cool down to fun app suggestions, the monthly report offers all different types of self-care tips. Staff working at the Wellness Center aim for it to be accessible to all students that attend Campolindo. “Wellness strives to be inclusive and supportive of everyone and we want to help others to have the same mindset,” said McCann.

“I loved the variety that the Wellness Newsletter offered. It discussed so many important things and gave super helpful tips that are so beneficial to the Campolindo community,” said sophomore Maya Gottfried.

The Wellness team is open to hearing students’ opinions on the newsletter and would love to hear any suggestions that students may have. If you have any ideas, email McCann at [email protected]