Fundraise for Homeless Club Assembles COVID-19 Packages

Students create hand written notecards at the Moraga Commons Park. The Fundraise for Homeless Club have been creating care packages during the pandemic.

Led by juniors Amy Erdenebayar and Sarah Wu, the Fundraise for Homeless Club met at the Moraga Commons Park to assemble coronavirus care packages on October 26.

Due to COVID-19, the club decided to replace its usual bake sale with a coronavirus care package drive.

“Much of the homeless population does not have access to basic hygiene products needed to stay safe during the pandemic,” said Wu. “As a result, [Erdenebayar] and I thought it would be beneficial to provide the homeless with some necessities to stay healthy.”

COVID-19’s impact on everyone is evident, but it has been especially apparent on homeless people. “Our goal for distributing these packages to the homeless is to make sure that they, an underserved part of our community, feel cared for in the midst of this pandemic…Our club members hope to be the ones to help provide for and resource their needs,” said Erdenebayar.

“I feel that during Covid times I…realized that there are many that might not have the resources I have to stay healthy such as masks and ways to sanitize. I do feel like it’s important to help out…for I’ve realized that the homeless don’t have many ways to stay clean and healthy in general,” said freshman Madison Gruebele.

To garner support, the club posted on Nextdoor asking community members to contribute resources. “Our event wouldn’t have been successful without the generosity of our community members,” said Erdenebayar.

In total, club members assembled and donated 150 care packages, including items such as water, CliffBars, masks, feminine hygiene products, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, soap, and a note from the club.

Wu said, “Our club will be distributing these care packages to the homeless in Oakland while CityTeam serves them dinner [on November 8.] CityTeam Oakland (homeless shelter) agreed to let our club set up a table outside their dining hall so we can hand out care packages as homeless individuals pick up their dinner.”

“As we’re all part of a community, we also hope people understand that an individual’s effort towards helping others makes a positive difference in someone’s world, no matter how big or small of a contribution. As a society, it is our responsibility to confront the issues that ultimately hinder the world from becoming a better place. Thus, ultimately, we aim to bring awareness to the needs of the homeless, while simultaneously spreading positivity into the world during such dire circumstances,” said Erdenebayar.