Virtual Art Show Connects Community

“Way of the Singing Blade”

As a way to showcase student talent during online schooling, the Virtual Art Show was sent out by Leadership on September 30.

According to event organizer senior Noel Seo, “I think having an art show really brings the Campo community together while we are socially distanced. Seeing everyone’s beautiful and creative art pieces helps us inspire each other and sheds some positivity in our lives.”

“As someone who has genuine appreciation for art but lacks talent in that department, I am grateful for the opportunity to sift through students’ art and assemble this compilation. Art is another medium for students to express their thoughts, a reflection of their experiences, and a window to the range of emotions that many of their peers share during this time,” Seo added.

Co-organizer senior Jennie Sheehan said, “I think that it’s really hard to make sure that creativity of all types gets the recognition it deserves especially since we can’t actually see each other on campus, but I think that gallery in the form of a slide show was a great way to show off the student’s talents.”

Junior Emma Ngo, who submitted 2 photography pieces, said, “Because of shelter-in-place, I think that a lot of people have had more time to focus on creative expression, so this was a nice way to share what we have been working on.”

“We hoped that adding everyone’s art to a public platform would promote the inclusive and welcoming environment that Campo strives to foster,” said Seo.

According to art show participant senior Madison Xiong, “I think it is a good place for free expression. There are not given limitations to what students can submit, other than it being school appropriate.”

“I [also] thought everyone else did a really nice job. I wish I could’ve seen more illustrations, but the photography was very well done,” Xiong added.

For the upcoming holiday season, Seo and Sheehan plan to have a themed art competition.