Leadership Hosts Rescheduled Senior Drive-Through

After switching the caterer from Chick-fil-A to Loard’s Ice Cream, the Leadership class handed out free scoops of ice cream and raffle tickets for a $100 DoorDash gift card during the senior drive-through on September 25.

According to senior class officer Julia Ortega, “Loard’s was the caterer because [Leadership] wants to support local businesses during this hard time.”

“After the controversy happened about if there should be Chick-fil-A, I did think that they should pick Loard’s instead since it’s a local business that everyone likes, and they went with that so I was very pleased when I came,” said senior Katie Strohmeyer.

For dairy-free students, Italian ice was offered as an alternative. “I liked that they had 3 different [flavor] options, 1 of them being for people who don’t eat dairy, and the flavors were immaculate,” Strohmeyer said.

To follow COVID-19 safety procedures, the ice cream was served in individual lidded bowls, and students and parents serving it wore masks and gloves.

The $100 dollar gift card was a class donation, according to Ortega, and was added to the drive-through “to get kids to come out,” she said.

“I think honestly that was just like the cherry on top,” said Strohmeyer of the raffle tickets. “It’s already free ice cream which is an incentive to go, but that was definitely nice, and I’m sure a very good prize because you can like pick wherever you want to go.”

“That leadership was able to like do an event for the senior class among COVID and stuff was a very nice treat, because normally there’d be a lot more fun things for seniors to do,” said Strohmeyer.

“It was wonderful doing something for the senior class. The kids deserve a special year,” said parent volunteer Kristy Webster.

Strohmeyer added, “[As a senior,] you want to feel special because you spent the last 3 years looking up to all the fun things that seniors get to do. So I definitely think that, while it’s not really a replacement for things, it’s definitely a nice little bonus.”

“It was a great start and we hope to learn from it and build off of it,” said Ortega, who hopes to have more events like this in the future.