Batchellor Earns 2nd Employee of Year Honor

Nicole Kennedy, Opinion Editor

College and Career adviser Joan Batchellor has been awarded “Certified Employee of the Year” for the 2nd time during her tenure at Campolindo.

The award is no surprise to Junior Laura Studebaker, who spends several periods each week with Batchellor. “She definitely deserves it. I am her T.A., so I can see how much work she puts in,” she said.

According to Studebaker, Batchellor is noticeably motivated and passionate about helping students make their years in high school count.

“It’s nice to be recognized for hard work,” said Batchellor. Batchelor also earned the recognition in 2015, her 2nd year at Campolindo.

In contrast to Studebaker, Batchelor saw the award as a “complete surprise.”

Senior Nina Naffziger also appreciates the work Batchellor does in the College and Career Center, as it not only plays an active role in the lives of seniors, but is an important resource for students as they plan their futures beyond high school.

Receiving lots of congratulatory emails from staff members and encouragement from students, Batchellor feels well supported by the community.

“Not all schools have [someone like Mrs. Batchellor] so we are lucky she puts in all her time with students,” said Naffziger.