Ethnic Studies Elective Debuts next Year

Sofie Blaj, Staff Writer

Intro To Ethnic Studies will be a semester-long class offered next school year.

After students expressed interest in the course during diversity meetings Leadership teacher Lindsay Webb-Peploe and counselor Patrick Turner led the creation of the course proposal.

“I think we are all probably uninformed about other people’s culture, because we need those people to help us, introduce it and give some forms and some structure to how we engage with it and I think this class would definitely do that,” said Webb-Peploe.

The class will include reading and research on different perspectives of historical and contemporary events. Webb-Peploe hopes the class will spur deep discussions around the topics of race, ethnicity and other differences that sometimes cause divides in society. She wants awareness to be raised about the diversity issues on campus and anticipates that the class will provide understanding and respect among member of the campus community.

Webb-Peploe noted the importance of the class as a unique genre of history. “We have 1 class on this campus that really looks at non-Western stuff and that is AP Art History,” said Webb-Peploe, “but this would be a class that looks at the issues around race and ethnicity.”

Freshman Bridgette Lane plans to take the course. “It sounds extremely interesting and new compared to some of the other older classes offered. I think it opens up an opportunity for learning about different cultures around the world,” she said.

Turner sees the creation of the course as an example the district’s forward thinking. “I believe that ultimately this class will become a California State requirement. And it’s a great thing that we are now offering and I encourage all students to take it today,” said Turner.

History teacher Tom Renno is among those in the social studies department who has expressed interest in teaching the course.