Club Collects Denim for Donation


Yasmine Chang, Staff Writer

The Couture for a Cause Club, led by seniors Danielle Duffy and Taylor Floyd, held a denim drive from January 22 to February 29. According to Danielle Duffy, the school’s drive was associated with clothing company Aéropostale, which is collecting jeans to donate to homeless children in Contra Costa County.

According to the Aéropostale website, 1 in 30 teens and 1 in 10 young adults experience homelessness during a calendar year.

“I think [that’s] horrible,” said English teacher Thomas Duffy, Danielle’s father.

Thomas Duffy provided space in his classroom for the denim collection. “It’s not going to be something that’s solved overnight, but we can take small steps in the right direction,” he said.

According to Floyd, possessing a pair of well fitted jeans can be a source of comfort amidst a life of struggle.

“I volunteer at this homeless shelter and we realized that they really just don’t have clothing that fits them properly, necessarily or clothing that they feel good about themselves in. And even like a few pairs of jeans that, you know, look great on someone and are new, just something that they can own, can really change someone’s life. You know, make them feel good about themselves, make them have a better day or feel confident going into an interview for a job and going to school and stuff like that,” Floyd explained.

Thomas Duffy is happy to see students working to help others. “Well, I think we have abundance in our community. And I think that we can share some of our abundance with those who [are in] need,” he said.