QT Cafe Provides Space for LGBTQ+ Voices

Mia Jay , Staff Writer

LGBTQ+ students now have a dedicated space for sharing experiences thanks to the Wellness Center’s new QT Cafe.

Coordinated and facilitated by Sarah Khan, a Wellness Center support counselor, the QT Cafe is a weekly event held in the Wellness Center for LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer or Questioning). Each meeting explores a different theme, and includes snacks like apple cider, herbal tea, and hot chocolate.

The goal of the Cafe is to provide a safe, confidential space for students to share things that they might not feel comfortable sharing elsewhere and for students to meet new people who might share similar experiences. “This is a place for students to really be seen and heard by other students and also by myself and Sarah as caring adults too, who really want to help them through their experiences if they need that,” said Wellness Intake Specialist Liana Holcomb McCann.

Holcomb McCann added, “I have been to 1 of the groups so far and it was really positive and it felt actually really special to hear students feel comfortable to share their experiences and also for myself and the counselor helping to lead to also join in and talk about our experiences.”

While junior Robby Nykodym feels that the QT Cafe is helpful for students who are being targeted, he hopes the school will take additional steps to improve campus climate. “I think the admin could just make the LGBTQ community feel more protected, be that by cracking down on ‘harmless’ homophobia or by making it easier for us to report people,” he said.

Khan thinks that “providing support for queer and trans students seems like a really great way to build a community at this school and create a space where students can come in and just check in on other students, build a community, chat, and maybe voice some of the things that may be coming up for them, whether that be concerns or trouble shooting when it comes to seeking safer spaces for them.”