Yoga Reveals Religious Principles for Art History Unit


Jensen Rasmussen, Staff Writer

To wrap up their study of the major religions of ancient Asia, including Buddhism and Hinduism, which emphasize the achievement of enlightenment through meditation, Art History students visited the small gym for a practical yoga session on November 4.

“I think that it really appeals to our kinesthetic learners, that it’s not just looking at visual images and reading and writing but also embodying aspects of different religions. I think it’s wonderful that Coach [Chris] Walsh provides that opportunity for students,” said AP Art History teacher Molly Kerr.

Sophomore Anna Shao enjoyed the yoga session. “I better understand how people meditate and how helpful it is to calm yourself and to connect,” she explained.

Immersion in some of the practices of Buddhist and Hindu religions helped students feel more connected to their studies. “I think it’s really helpful for people to understand why Buddhists meditate and how it connects to their beliefs, said Shao.

Walsh, who teaches several yoga classes in the Physical Education Department, explained that practicing yoga is connected to the sentiments of Buddhism and Hinduism. Walsh said, “The main thing about the Buddha was compassion and service, and so the more compassionate you are, when you feel your wealth through your own practice, then it’s easier to give, you don’t get as rattled, people don’t make you as angry.”