Pumpkin Launch Added to Halloween Activities


Kylie Choi, Staff Writer

On-campus Halloween activities during the week of October 31 included a costume contest, trick-or-treating, a cake walk, and launching pumpkins across the lower athletic field. 

Leadership teacher Lindsay Webb-Peploe said that the Leadership class was “trying new events” this year, including a caramel apple fundraiser and the pumpkin launch. 

According to Leadership student freshman Blake Webster, who organized the launch, the pumpkins came “from a pumpkin patch and some people brought some pumpkins from home.”

Blake Webster said, “We were able to reuse some of the pumpkins after they broke because once they were broken they launch farther, actually.” The activity was “very successful,” he added.

However, the total turnout on the field for the launch was only about a dozen students. “Some people thought that, like, our publicity was a little confusing,” said Blake Webster, explaining that there was a misunderstanding about whether participants were expected to bring their own pumpkins.

Senior Brynn Cummins, who participated in the launch, said it “was very fun.”

“It was unique. Like, it was the first time we’ve done, like, a launching,” said Cummins, who hopes that it happens next year as well.

Junior ASB Commissioner of Social Affairs Sophie Webster said that part of the week’s success was “publicizing, making sure everyone posts, making posters, [and] informing.”

According to Webb-Peploe, many of her students were planning on trick-or-treating this year. “I asked my freshmen – I was like, ‘When is it too old to trick-or-treat?’ and they said ‘You’re never too old to trick-or-treat,'” said Webb-Peploe.

While some students walked their neighborhoods in the evening, others took part in the candy distribution coordinated by Leadership during the school day.  Students in costume were encouraged to visit certain classrooms designated for trick-or-treating.

Sophie Webster believes Halloween is a good distraction from the stress of high school. “It’s really important to have little, exciting moments to distract everyone,” she said.

Freshman Eric Lee said that he dressed up with his friends and went trick-or-treating in the evening. “It’s just fun,” said Lee.

Although Lee participated, he doesn’t think Halloween is a good use of time for high school students. “You probably have homework that day,” he said.