Masked Seniors Flout Tradition with Body Suits


Yasmine Chang, Staff Writer

A group of “fashion-forward” seniors attended the annual Homecoming dance on September 28, wearing black bodysuits and colored masks.  The group was a striking contrast to the traditional semi-formal attire worn by most participants.

1 of the mask-wearers, senior Kate Brown, said that the group decided to not wear the traditional attire because they “think it’s more fun.”

No one knows who we are, and then we are just dancing. It was kind of a last-second thing,” said Brown. “We all wanted to make it more fun. Since we’re seniors, we just wanted our last homecoming to be different than the rest.”

Freshman Lara Heber appreciated the unusual outfits. “The people wearing the masks were fun. They would just pop in and out and dance around,” she said. “It was something unexpected and everyone was shocked. It worked out great and people should definitely do that again.”

This year’s homecoming week, which culminated with Saturday’s dance, was conducted with an Olympic theme.

According to senior Leadership member Aidan Vollmar, the Olympics was not the original theme. “Our initial thing was we wanted to do different regions, so we wanted to do like maybe Amazon Rain forest and the desert and stuff like that, but then we figured that it would be easier to pick subgroups of different grades so then we decided on the Olympics,” he said.

While much of the dance decor followed the international flavor of the well-known sporting event, there was no requirement that students dress accordingly. “We keep it decorated as a theme, but you can wear whatever you want,” Vollmar said of the dance.