Softball Showdown Ends in Tie


Layla Wright, Editor

Seniors fought back from a 1-6 deficit during the annual senior-staff softball game on May 29. The contest ended in a 6-6 tie when Associate Principal Jon Drury called the game prior to the end of the lunch period.

Senior Zoe Crouch was in charge of coordinating the logistics and student sign-ups for the game, which came with some stress for her. “It was really hard to sort through because there were a bunch of people that just showed up randomly and were like ‘oh I’m playing’ even though we said weeks before to contact me- so that was hard,” she said.

Even with the stress, every student still got to participate, even if they were not able to get up and bat.

Math teacher Erika Fisher participated in the event for the 1st time this year. “Because it was my 1st year at Campo, I was excited to participate in the tradition, especially because some of the teachers had talked to me about it before. It lived up to the talk, and was just a fun experience,” she said.

Fisher exceeded her expectations for herself after hitting the ball twice. “My favorite part was when I got on base because I wasn’t expecting that. It was a success. I made contact with the ball twice but Riley [Bruel] got me out the 1st time,” she said. Senior Riley Bruel is Fisher’s cousin.

Although senior Melissa Wright struck out twice, she still was glad to participate. “It is a lot harder than it seems,” she joked. “But the food was delicious.”

The event was catered by Top Dog.

Senior Lily Skinner was also excited to show off her skills in the game. “I wanted to join in on the fun tradition and I’m pretty competitive so it was super fun for me. I loved seeing the staff and students get along,” she said.

Crouch was happy to see the tradition be a success yet again. “A lot of people that I talked to said they had a fun time, and all the teachers also thought it was fun and cute- which they always do, which is why we continue the tradition,” she said. “It was rewarding to know that even though I was frustrated, everyone still enjoyed it a lot.”