Jazz Cafe Unites Lamorinda Musicians


Amanda Young, Business Editor

The Jazz Band is preparing for its performance at the annual Stanley Jazz Cafe, which will be held at Stanley Middle School on May 31. The concert, which is a fundraiser for Stanley’s jazz program, brings musicians from Lafayette and Moraga together.

The band has been specifically prepping for the Jazz Cafe for several weeks, though it will also play songs performed previously at its May 10 concert.

According to sophomore Ellie Olson, the concert is “a chance to see the entire local Jazz community in 1 place.” Olson will be performing in the Jazz Cafe for the 4th consecutive year, having done so since she was in 6th grade. She will also be performing with her twin brothers, who are 8th graders at Stanley.

“It’s a really fun experience because it’s like the big end of the year concert for Jazz, and it’s always inspiring to hear other bands play, especially when it’s people you know and you can appreciate their growth,” added Olson.

Freshman Olivia House said that the concert is a “really great opportunity for 8th graders going into the jazz program to hear the different schools and choose where they want to go or the style of music that they want to play.”

Unlike past years, the Jazz Band will have 2 small combo bands performing in addition to their cohesive large group, according to sophomore Connor Johnson.

The smaller groups allow them to perform “some different repertoire” and “more kinds of music in different dynamics,” said Olson.

Johnson said that the Jazz Cafe “is a lot more casual an event” than regular school concerts, as the audience members will be sitting down eating dinner while they play. “I also like not being in the CPAC. I think that the change of venue is kind of nice,” he said.

“It’s a little different every year because with different students there’s a different dynamic, but overall every year is really fun,” Olson said.