Library Ceremony Celebrates Underclassmen


Erika Riedel, Co-Sports Editor

Teachers recognized a handful of outstanding students during the annual Underclassmen Awards on May 9. Held in the library, the award ceremony included a desert buffet.

Traditionally, each faculty member chooses 1 student to receive an award for academic achievement. If the same student is nominated by more than 1 teacher, the nomination that is 1st received is the 1 the student gets.

Teacher Paul Verbanszky appreciates the opportunity to recognize students beyond awarding grades. “We get a selection of students who are not necessarily top performers in the class but they may be showing potential in that curriculum or they are interested in the subject or they are good in conversation or discussion,” he said.

Sophomore Leila Stoll said, “I think its good to honor people and I liked that they focus not on

ly on grades but also participation in class.”

Sophomore Kat Dunbar believes the ceremony is a way to recognize a variety of talented students. Dunbar said, “I think it’s nice to be rewarded for your work. The teachers get to choose so it’s all based on who works hard, performs well in class, and helps others. I don’t think there’s an issue with it.”

According to Verbanszky, another benefit to the Underclassmen Awards is its efficacy in validating students of all grade levels, not just seniors. “Seniors get multiple awards for all kinds of things, department awards, class awards. It is a nice way of recognizing the work of especially freshmen and sophomores,” he said.

Despite the good intentions of the administration in organizing the event, Verbanszky hopes for the selection process to be slightly modified. Verbanszky, who teaches both AP European History and Publications, wishes he could give an award to a student from each of the subjects he teaches.

“I am very grateful for my award but I also think that a lot of students at Campo work really hard but I don’t want the awards to be gotten rid of,” said Stoll.