Famous Rock Threatened by Development


Layla Wright , Editor

The “Painted Rock” is in danger as the 84-acre property of which it is a part may be sold for development if it is not purchased by conservationists by May 30.

After the owner of the land died in 2014, the land was offered by his widow for $2 million to the John Muir Land Trust – a considerably discounted price – but so far, they are $200,000 short of their goal.

Leadership is currently hosting a “save the rock” campaign to help raise the necessary $200,000 to preserve the surrounding land and create trails and a recreation area to be called “Painted Rock Park.”

ASB president senior Katie Clare believes it is all for a really good cause, as she herself has made great memories painting the rock with her dance group. “Painting the rock is a fun high school tradition. I’m glad leadership can bring Campo together to help this Moraga issue,” she said.

Many students are concerned this land will no longer be available to paint, as it is considered a “Campo tradition” and is often used to express sports team success or other important messages that all of Moraga gets to enjoy when driving by or passing through Rheem Shopping Center.

Senior Kate Hardiman feels strongly about this issue. “It’s such a unique tradition. I painted it with my 2019 Mexico team for the MVPC trip and it was a great bonding experience. I remember growing up and always thinking the rock was so cool, and how much I also wanted to be part of a group that painted it. It’s sad that some people may never get this opportunity, so I think Moraga is doing a good thing by trying to save money to save it,” she said.

“It’s not just for current Campo students, but for future generations as well,” Hardiman added.

Senior Taylor Chau also was able to have this “classic high school experience” when she painted the rock after the varsity lacrosse team was successful in their season. “I feel like painting the rock is a good bonding activity that is fun and harmless for sports teams, clubs, and organizations. It’s a memory I will keep forever,” she said.