U Decide Senior Celebration


Ava Charlesworth, Staff Writer

Dubbed the “U Decide Senior Celebration,” the College and Career Center hosted a decision day celebration where seniors designed college designators to be included on the annual decision map on March 1 during Academy.

“[The house celebration] has been going on since before I came to Campo,” said College and Career Center Counselor Joan Batchellor. “I think after all the hard work that the seniors put in, to finally feel at peace with their decision and their journey is really important.”

Many attended the event, with students spilling out into the courtyard adjacent to the College and Career Center.  “I think this is the biggest turn out ever,” said Batchellor.

Some students wore college sweat shirts or other indicators of their college decision and posed for photos.

“It was really nice of the College and Career Center to get all of this for us,” said senior Samantha Keppler.

After decorating their houses and finishing their snacks, students went to a large cork board map in the A Hall to tack on their houses in the locations of their future universities. Also posted were spaces for students taking a gap year and students going to international universities.

“It was one of the things I was most looking forward to when I committed to college,” said senior Leon Wagner.

“There were some rough days, some disappointment, but I think now its all blue skies and everyone can be really excited about next year,” said Batchellor.