Video Project Promotes Community Members


Arjun Chhabra, Staff Writer

Video Production 2 students have been working on film promotions for businesses, clubs, sports players, and even music in the Moraga community during the month of March.

Sophomore Video Production student Josh Fleming said he was creating a club promotion for his project. Although time-consuming, “I think the final product will be worth the work put in,” he said. Fleming’s short documentary focuses on volunteer club [email protected]

Fleming said he likes the project because it allows him full creative control over the assignment.

Other students said the project is a helpful way to hone their video skills and assist in their everyday lives. “While completing this project, I have learned how to use what I have learned and apply it to real life situations. Since I am creating a music video for an upcoming artist at Campolindo, I have to work around his busy schedule, which I have learned can be challenging,” said Video Production junior Sanjeev Sarin.

Sarin spent 2 days filming and is now working on editing to make sure his video covers all of the assignment requirements.

Sophomore Baron Szeto’s passion and long-term goals as a golfer were the subject of sophomore Alex Clare’s video.

Szeto said, “I love the idea that students were assigned a project in which they had to help other people in the community. I was thrilled to hear that someone wanted to make a video about me.”

Some students used the video production studio to get the best sound, lighting, and camera quality so they could make their videos look professional to the benefit of the organizations they are promoting.

“Since the video is supposed to be recorded in 4k, I used the cameras in the studio because they are extremely high quality and new. Originally, it was challenging to learn about how to use them, but once you understand it, it is quite simple and actually fun,” said sophomore Alex Clare.

According to the students, Video Production teacher Justin Seligman assigned this project because he wants them to be able to apply the knowledge and training they have gained in the classroom to practical, real-life situations.