Shoe Drive Continues through March

Ava Charlesworth, Staff Writer

The WE @ Campo Club, an extension of the WE Charity, has organized a shoe drive in conjunction with Soles4Souls.  The drive will continue through the end of March.

Soles4Souls is a non-profit social enterprise based in Nashville, TN, and will donate the shoes to countries including Haiti, Honduras, and Kenya.

The shoe drive breaks away from the WE School Program. “This drive is different and isn’t through WE, which is why our donations are going to Soles4Souls. We don’t always do events through WE, because we like to do a lot of different events,” said sophomore and president Arjun Chhabra.

Since the club is an official WE School Program, they usually send most of its donations to the Canadian organization to be distributed. Chhabra said the club picks an event from a variety of different categories and then informs WE so that they can coordinate the exchange of donations.

WE @ Campo is asking for new or gently worn shoes to be delivered to room E9. Their goal is to obtain 200 pairs of useable shoes.

According to leadership teacher Lindsay Webb-Peploe, drives are very hard to predict. “Some drives are amazing and successful, but sometimes it’s just where you hit people,” she said, adding that they have added a raffle as an incentive to encourage students to donate.

“We’re in such an affluent community, I think it’s important that we give back when we can,” said Commissioner of Philanthropy Lars Ahrens.