Political Groups Rally in AP Euro


Amanda Young, Business Editor

Paul Verbanszky and Ryan Boyd’s AP European History students participated in an early-1900s political rally simulation in their classes on February 7 and 8. Students represented ideologies like liberalism, conservatism, socialism, and feminism through the choice of appropriate costume and with various props.

According to Verbanszky, this is the 3rd year that his classes have participated in the rally. “I think having a little hands-on experience [is beneficial], and also the process itself- may be a student will discover that they like talking in front of an audience or like pushing a political agenda,” said Verbanszky.

Verbanszky added that he enjoys seeing the “passion” students put into their cause when trying to persuade peers to join their movement. “It gives the students who are debaters or arguers the opportunity to have that happen instead of taking a test,” he said.

Sophomore Spencer Deutz, who represented nationalism, liked the project because it was “interactive.”

“It was kind of fun to see all the different groups and how they got into it, and also just kind of embrace their ism,” Deutz said. Her group brought balloons, cookies, and signs to augment their presentation.

Sophomore Vishal Lashkari, who spoke on behalf of liberalism, agreed that the interactive aspect of the project made it more fun.

Lashkari said, “You’re more likely to remember something if you have to teach it, and so the other groups are basically teaching the rest of the class about their project so that they become experts on theirs and kids learn it from a young person’s terms.”

“I hope to continue [the project] as a new tradition in Euro,” Verbanszky said.