T-Shirts Fund Environmental Club


Ryan Erickson-King

No longer sponsored by the Global Student Embassy (GSE), the Environmental Club raised money for its activities by selling t-shirts in the quad at lunch on February 1.

“The fundraiser is going to help regain what we lost,” said junior Alexandra Yokomizo.

The club plans on using the money from the fundraiser in 2 ways, said club president senior Emily Tamkin. One of them is to fund the garden’s maintenance.

However, “It really does not take a lot to run the garden once you have the materials,” said Tamkin, adding that the money is more of  “a safety net in case anything goes wrong.”

Junior John Stepp concurred: “I think the fundraiser should be enough to make sure that if anything goes wrong, we will be covered.”

The club plans on donating the other half of the money to the John Muir Land Trust (JMLT), which is in the process of raising $2 million to prevent development near Moraga’s landmark, the Painted Rock.

“[Painted Rock] is something that all Campo students see every day, and we think it is an area of nature that is worth protecting,” said Tamkin.