Equity Team Meets during Academy

Layla Wright, visual media editor

The most recent of the newly-introduced diversity academy periods was widely-attended by students involved in diversity-based clubs, including members of the Black Student Union and the Sexuality and Gender Alliance, on January 23.

The implementation of these once-a-month meetings aims to fulfill a district-wide goal to promote diverse issues.  The attendees of the academy session comprise an “Equity Team” of student leaders who discuss what their club has achieved and what goals their club intends to pursue regarding campus diversity.

Leadership adviser Lindsay Webb-Peploe believes hosting the meetings during an academy session is important. “Most of the other equity teams meet after school, and that just did not work for Campolindo considering [students] are always so busy and people would cancel or whatever. But sort of harnessing and using academy for this purpose has been really effective,” she said.

Webb-Peploe added that Leadership’s efforts to start a similar venture last year “didn’t quite have the momentum” or clear leadership to work, a problem newly resolved by the creation of the Diversity Commissioner position, held by senior Lindsay Torres.

According to Torres, the true purpose of her position is not just to attend district-wide Diversity Committee meetings but “to achieve harmony among students, staff, and the greater community and to foster respect for the dignity of each person regardless of who or what they identify as.”

To encourage more students to attend, Webb-Peploe sends monthly invites to the entire student body and reminds them that everyone is welcome. “We want it to not be just housed in Leadership but rather represented by a wide variety of students,” she explained.

Many students came to the Diversity Academy for the 1st time after receiving the e-mail, like Devon Wood, a member of the Women’s Awareness on Campus club. “It was nice to see a decent turnout of students who are clearly passionate about raising awareness for diversity on campus and pushing for inclusion. It makes me hopeful that there will be positive changes and progress made at Campo in the years to come,” said Wood.

In the long-term, Leadership plans to increase diversity efforts across campus by brainstorming with members of the newly-formed Equity Team. According to Torres, among these ideas are plans for a “Cultural Night” in the spring to bring awareness to diversity groups on campus.