Final Concert Sends off Seniors


Beck Chambers and Jane Maiocco

The symphonic band performed “Nostalgia,” a piece composed by senior Kyle Chuang, at the instrumental music program’s final concert on May 11. The evening, hosted in the CPAC, included all of the instrumental groups under music instructor Johnny Johnson’s direction.

Chuang said, “I’ve been composing for about 6 years now… I was in AP music theory last year, which I wrote several pieces for a quartet that was performed for the winter chamber group final. So I think that for me it was kinda like my last good-bye sort of. I’ve been in the music program all 4 years and it’s been definitely a key part of my time here at Campo, so I think that writing a piece for the final concert was kinda my last haza [sic].”

Chuang said he felt nostalgic about his years of working in the music program at Campolindo. “I wanted to kind of capture that feeling which is why I decided on the name ‘Nostalgia.'”  The senior composer believed many of his fellow classmates shared his feelings about coming to the end of high school.

According to sophomore symphonic band player Kellen Clancy, the composition was “a beautiful rendition and quite impressive.”

Johnson said, “The concert was wonderful! All of the groups performed really well and everyone seemed to enjoy making music together, and everything ran like clockwork.”

Senior Marc Schultz, a member of the Jazz band and orchestra, said, “As far as this years concerts go, this was probably the best concert we’ve played. At least from the standpoint of all the groups. Band played really well, orchestra played really well, us in jazz band played really well. Overall, I think it was good.”

Johnson described the concert as “particularly magical,” adding that, “it just felt really good all the way through—from pre-concert preparations to the reception at the end. So much goodness that night.”

Schultz was pleased with the way he ended his band career at Campolindo. “We did really well and this was definitely our best concert this season,” he said.

Freshman Slava Koblov said, “It was very interesting to see all of the bands in one concert, to see what all of them have to offer.”

Another highlight of the night was the guitar solo performed by sophomore Jazz Ensemble member Sean Donovan.

Koblov said, “After the New Orleans trip, we had only a few weeks to prepare for the spring concert, but we took on a challenge, worked hard, and prepared a whole new set.”

The concert ended on a bittersweet note when all of the seniors were honored. Clancy said, “It was sad to see all the seniors go.”

Johnson said, “it is really very moving to shake each senior’s hand and tell them good-bye. They’ve done so much for the program. I hope that I was able to convey just how much I appreciate them.”