Senior Artist Coordinates Library Showing

Jessica Rosiak, Staff Writer

Featuring student artists using a variety of mediums, the library hosted its first art show, organized by senior Regina Kong, on April 19.

“This was her idea so she asked me, ‘Can we use your space’ and of course I said yes because I want the library to be more than just a place for books or for studying. I want it to be a place like a community activity place and I think the more art we have in our lives the better, so I said ‘yes’ to all of her requests,” said librarian Sarah Morgan about Kong’s request to use the library for the show.

Since this is my last year at Campo before I graduate, I wanted to do something to give back to the Campolindo community,” Kong said.

According to Kong, the theme of the art show was identity. “I thought that was really important because I think now more than ever we need to try and articulate ways that we define ourselves and especially teenagers I think there is such a strong connection between art and self expression and self-hood,” said Kong.

Though independent from Campolindo art curriculum and classes, Kong said she reached out to the art teachers on campus and asked them to refer her to artists who might be interested in showing their work.

According to Morgan, the art show gave students who are not taking an art class the chance to display their work as well. “One of her goals was to celebrate all types of art and not just Campo artists,” said Morgan. 

Junior Andrew Price, a Campolindo art student who displayed his work at the event, said, “I did the 5 portraits of myself in different colors and outfits. It was me sort of reflecting on words that were used to describe myself, either by me or other people, and it kind of showed my personality… I also thought it would be kind of cool as a way to get … recognition as an artist, especially on campus.”

“It was a lot of people coming together and this medley of perfect things happening which is super incredible,” said Kong. “I think that was one of the coolest parts because we had a film screening, an Indian Bonga dance, 2 poetry readings, and an original string quartet performance and it was all student run, student organized, student performed.”

Morgan said, “I hope that they make some of the adults and the teachers at least appreciate our talented students and I hope that it inspires the younger students to do their own art.”

Humbled by the help and generosity of friends, faculty, and strangers while organizing the event, Kong said, “Discovering the artistic wealth here at Campolindo has really opened my eyes and showed me how incredible and talented creative people around me at school are because I have been here for 4 years you never really had the opportunity to talk about our respective artistic endeavors or about identity and art.”

Morgan hopes the art show becomes a reoccurring event in the future, continued by younger students at the end of each year.

“I would love to do it in the future. I was offered to organize it in the future, and I think I might take them up on the offer,” said Price.