Clare Wins ASB Presidential Race

Layla Wright, Staff Writer

Katie Clare will be the next Associated Student Body (ASB) president. Voting took place on Wednesday, March 21 during 5th period, and results were announced after the lunch period.

Clare was challenged for the post by Matt Gagan, another Leadership veteran. Clare has had experience as sophomore class vice president and as commissioner of social affairs. “This year I was ASB commissioner of social affairs, so I really had to take charge and plan all the dances and the lunchtime activities. It was a lot of work this year. I’m ready to put in the work and effort next year, and I’m excited to be the ASB President,” Clare said.

Clare is already thinking about her goals for next year. “I really just want to plan a variety of events, so it can attract different people, and just try new things and get more people involved in spirit,” she said.

Leadership teacher Lindsay Webb-Peploe agreed that involving more people in the activities is a good idea. “We [the leadership class] feel like we do quite a bit for our football and basketball teams, but we’d like to actually honor all sports, but those 2 sports consume a lot of our time so we need somebody else who is kinda monitoring what is happening… We’d also like to do more for other groups on campus: acadeca, drama, choir, orchestra, but we need somebody who is following up with all those people to find out what’s happening,” she said.

3 other students ran unopposed in the recent ASB elections: junior Hillary Weaver for vice president, junior Christina Crum for secretary, and sophomore Chase Giglio for treasurer.

Candidates were required to attend 3 meetings, which covered campaign rules regarding the size of posters and spending limits. They were also required to obtain 50 signatures before being added to the ballot.

Since Clare had a challenger, she worked hard to reach out to potential student voters. “I put up some posters and every day I passed out candy and cookies to different people at the school. I stayed for lunch periods that I usually don’t attend to attract more freshman and sophomores. It was very stressful and I was nervous, but I’m really dedicated to this position,” she said.

Weaver, who ran without opposition for her position, also spent time supporting Clare’s campaign efforts. “I helped Katie to campaign because I made some cookies for her, and I’m super excited for our partnership,” she said. “I’m helping Katie out in the future school year, and I got her back on anything she needs.”

Clare is also excited to collaborate with next year’s officers, including the vice president elect. “I feel like it’s more of a partnership than me as a leader. More similar to co-presidents than anything else,” she said.

Webb-Peploe is pleased with the election outcome. “Most of the people who are in the elected offices which are president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, were in leadership this year, so I know them and I feel really positive about them.” added Webb-Peploe.