2nd Club Day Offers 2nd Chance


Samuel Ganten, Editor

A 2nd club day convened in the quad on February 21 in an effort to help clubs increase membership heading into the 2nd semester.  The event also provided clubs that missed the original club day in September a 2nd chance at publicizing their organizations.

Leadership teacher Lindsay Webb-Peploe, who is tasked with providing general oversight for Campolindo clubs, said, “We had always talked about it, but now we did it…It has been smooth sailing.”

10 clubs, as well as the journalism elective, hosted tables in the quad during the lunch period.

“Mini club day is a 2nd chance for you to get in front of the people,” said Webb-Peploe. “The appropriate amount responded. Many clubs are already well established, some are defunct, and some just have had trouble and need the 2nd chance.”

Robotics club president senior Marc Schultz said that the mini club day gave his club an opportunity to advertise for the next school year. “There are a fair amount of clubs that do use the opportunity to gain interest for next year,” said Schultz.

Not everyone believed the event was productive however. Senior James Lyon expressed his disappointment with mini club day, calling it a waste of time. “It’s kind of pointless because no-one is signing up for anything,” said Lyon.

Most club leaders agreed that the mini club day presented a valuable opportunity for students and clubs to discover each other. Armaan Johal, president of the Academy X club, claimed that the event allowed him to recruit 13 new members for his club.

“Mini club day is great,” said Johal. “New clubs should have the opportunity even if people miss the initial sign up.”