Leo Club Supports Crab Feed Fundraiser


Rachel Szymanski, Staff Writer

Members of the Leo Club helped raise more than $2k at the annual Lamorinda Lions Club Crab Feed on January 20. Much of the funding came from an auction conducted at the event.

According to club president, senior Brigitte Marinier, the money raised from the feed will go to different non profit groups, as determined by the Lions Club.

Leo Club volunteers set up tables in the morning, then came back in the evening to prepare and serve food to guests.

“We started giving out mayonnaise and ketchup which would end up being for the crab, then we gave out the salad, then the pasta, and eventually the crab and the garlic bread,” explained sophomore Michael Evans.

Club vice president senior Christophe Marinier, a veteran of previous crab feeds, felt that the volunteering was not quite as effective this year. “I would have liked if the groups were more organized and have a breakdown of what everyone should do. But last year it was much more organized because there were some senior people who knew more about what they were doing,” he said.

“This is my 4th or 5th year going, so I would like to continue doing this because it’s really fun,” said Evans. “I get to be with friends and I also know that I’m getting to help a lot of other people  and I love doing events that I know are very beneficial to other people.”