Abbreviated Welcome Dance Delights Newcomers

Hope Marshall, Ronald Hohnsbeen, and

With a shortened schedule, the August 24 welcome back dance hosted a record turnout.

“It seemed like a fun event with my friends and we put a lot of work into it,” said freshman, Jackie Artiaga, who is a new member of the leadership team.

In prior years, the dance was 3 hours long, but according to ASB president Ethan Sauerberg, by the end, few students remained. In contrast, this year’s dance saw approximately 200 students remain until the lights came on.

“At the end of the 3 hour dance, last year there were probably forty [people],” Sauerberg said. “People not only stayed for longer relative to the 2 hours, but for a longer time on average”.

Freshman Eshna Sarkar, who enjoyed the neon theme, believed the dance was an effective way to help freshmen feel a part of their new school. “The dance was very different from middle school dances because the teachers were more calm and it was a good way to meet new people, especially as an incoming freshman.”

“The dance was more enjoyable than middle school dances because they were more energetic, people were dancing and jumping up and down and being more free,” said freshman Quincy Morgridge said. 

“I am looking to add a larger outdoor area to the dance. We are hoping to open up a part of the quad even,” said Sauerberg of his plans to improve future dances.