Rain Postpones Lunchtime Concert

Mariel Rossi-deVries, Lifestyle Editor

An on-campus lunchtime performance by environmentally conscious rock band Trapdoor Social was rained out on March 12. The up-and-coming indie band uses solar panels to power their van and instruments but was stymied by the overcast, rainy weather.

Principal’s secretary Carolyn Daughton said that vice principal John Drury and leadership advisor Dino Petrocco tried to help Trapdoor Social get around the rain issue, but “it’s hard to control Mother Nature.”

“They were rained out, but they are planning on coming back,” Daughton added.

“The band and I are going to talk about potentially coming back around the end of May, where they will sing and educate the children about solar energy,” said leadership teacher Dino Petrocco.

The band originally approached science teacher Jane Kelson about playing at the school. Kelson then passed the information on to Petrocco.

The band also offers lessons about conservation practices. Petrocco said that “they are going to be working with the science classes about their solar set up and then they will be playing at lunch.”

Trapdoor Social is currently touring along the west coast, with performances in Canada, Washington, Montana, and Oregon. According to their website, they will be returning to California for a show in Los Angeles on May 13.