Counselor Prepares for Classroom

Beck Chambers, Staff Writer

With the goal of becoming a classroom teacher, counselor Jake Donohoe is on a leave of absence until May 5 to pursue a teaching credential. According to Donohoe, it is”another advanced educational certificate that requires a full-time commitment for several months.”

Donohoe said, “I am going through an online program at Alliant University based in San Diego.”

Patrick Turner, who will fill in for Donohoe in the counseling department while she completes her program, began working with her students on January 17.

While Turner’s placement is only temporary, Donohoe said that her leave will give her students an “awesome opportunity” to get to know him.

Donohoe has been a Campolindo counselor for at least 14 years, according to history teacher Lindsay Webb-Peploe.

“I will be back in May as a counselor and then decide whether I want to transition to the classroom in the fall,” Donohoe explained.

One requirement of her credential program is to complete a student teaching assignment. She is “currently student teaching at Berkeley High,” and hopes it will give her “a better perspective of the classroom.”

Donohoe’s husband, English and drama teacher Jamie Donohoe, said his wife is currently working chiefly with ELL [English Language Learner] kids in her student teach position at Berkeley High.

One of Donohoe’s students, senior Danny Damianakes, said, “Mrs. Donohoe has been extremely kind and supportive for my 4 years here and she has made the college process much easier.”