Ethnic Cuisine Adds Flavor to Language Studies


Mikhail Vasilyev, Staff Writer

Leticia Deltoro’s French and Spanish language classes enjoyed foods from their respective parent cultures on December 12.

Encouraged by the extra credit Deltoro offered, many students brought in authentic cultural dishes. Classroom tables were filled with crepes and Éclairs in the French classes, and guacamole and tacos in Spanish.

Deltoro said, “I think that food is a big part of countries and their cultures, and by bringing it in and celebrating, students can learn more and engage with the countries.”

The unique activity was a hit. Spanish student sophomore Grahm Velek said, “This was really fun to do. I’m happy I got extra credit, and the food was really good. On top of that, it wasn’t a bad way to learn about the culture, and it was definitely better than doing bookwork or a test.”

Sophomore Ross Anderson, a student in Deltoro’s French course, said, “This was a great way just to celebrate the upcoming Christmas break with the class. We don’t really do that anymore anywhere else, but celebrating it here was pretty fun. All of the French food was great too, especially the crepes.”

“This was a great activity for my students, and was a nice way to immerse ourselves in the culture. It was definitely a success and I’ll be glad to do it next year,” Deltoro said.