Film, Car Show Fund Autoshop

Video Production and Autoshop are collaborating to make a film for the first time. They will be shooting a car commercial on December 13, with the final product set to premier on April 29. The film will promote the 2 programs while also advertising the Autoshop car show.

“We are trying to get a head start on the project to get a media campaign as early as possible,” said Video Production teacher Justin Seligman.

“It is more promoting the class than it is promoting the car show [the subject of the film,] and [it’s] to help the class stay alive,” said senior Alyssa Roth. Currently, Autoshop does not have enough money to buy all of the equipment needed to run the class for next year.

Proceeds from the film will benefit a fund to support the Autoshop, as will the car show itself, which is the idea Autoshop teacher Steven Boone.

“For years, they have done a car show at Las Lomas High school and we have never done one at Campo,” said Seligman. “So he wanted to bring an activity that was happening at another school here.”