Welch Wins Pumpkin Contest


Madeleine Singh, Sports Editor

Freshman Aislinn Welch received a movie ticket to the New Rheem Theater for winning the library sponsored pumpkin carving contest that wrapped up on October 28.

Welch’s pumpkin featured a large “C” within a carved cougar. “[I entered because] it was a thing for the library TAs, and so I thought it would be fun because I TA at the library at lunch and before school,” said Welch. “It didn’t take that long, maybe half an hour? I did it by myself,” Welch explained.

“The purpose of this is to get kids to participate in something, and it’s something fun that you might not have done since elementary school,” said librarian Sarah Morgan. Students were invited to carve their pumpkins at home and then bring them in on Thursday, October 27 or Friday, October 28.

“They spent their own time doing this at home for the purpose of excitement at school, and I thought it was really nice because maybe some kids hadn’t ever decorated a pumpkin before,” said Morgan. “Actually, some of the girls were like ‘Oh, I’ve never done this before!’ and so it was kind of bringing them back to their childhood and high school should still be a fun place,” she added.

“Her version of a Campo cougar was, I think, a really great way of building school spirit,” said Morgan.

Although the contest was held in honor of Halloween, the pumpkins themselves didn’t make an appearance on October 31. “When we came in [Monday] morning, they had either rotted or molded, so that was kind of an anticlimactic end to our contest,” said Morgan.