MEF Funds Additional Class Sections

Rachel Szymanski, Staff Writer

The Moraga Education Foundation has granted $475,000 to Campolindo High School as part of its annual donations to Moraga schools.  Among the many benefits, the donation will fund 15 academic course sections.

In the 2015-2016 school year, MEF granted Campolindo $450,000, funding 13 academic sections.

MEF is a nonprofit organization which funds all public schools in the Moraga School District.

In addition to funding sections and providing grants for materials and equipment, the annual donation can be used to support staff development and the college and career center, which benefit all students.

In the past, Campolindo has used some of the funds for lunchtime and after school tutoring programs, but that might change with the likely implementation of block scheduling next school year. The new schedule may include built in intervention periods.

MEF solicits donations from Moraga families when the school year begins. They also host a phone-a-thon, where volunteers contact potential donors, as well as smaller fundraisers throughout the year. 

The Campolindo Leadership class also helped spread the word about MEF. Freshman Drew Shellen said, “We were giving the parents ballots, asking them to donate to MEF because [MEF does] a lot for our school.”

This year “is the 35th anniversary of MEF, and they are planning a very large auction/party in the spring,” said Campolindo principal John Walker.

“We’re able to offer a variety of different electives, reduce class size, and offer some support classes that we normally wouldn’t be able to offer,” Walker said of the funding MEF has provided for this year.