Workshop Helps Post Grad Planning


Mariel rossi deVries, Staff Writer

The 6th series of college workshops were held in the computer lab for next year’s juniors and seniors on May 19 and May 26. Headed by college and career adviser Joan Batcheller, students were able to develop prospective college lists and receive help with researching their respective programs and requirements.

“We’re doing this so that students know what they’re doing, post Campo, whether that’s 2 year programs or trade schools. For kids who are in a 4 year track, helping them with what a good list looks like,” said Batcheller.

According to Batcheller, the sessions were intended to reduce student stress related to choosing a post high school path.

Using computers, the participants researched colleges, spoke to advisers, and ranked their college preferences using personal constraints. The students who did not yet know what they wanted to major in went to Naviance and to assess what traits they possess and what might be of interest to them.

Junior Ghazal Khashayar spent her time at the workshop refining her list of college interests. “I just hope I know what to expect for college and I’m prepared and I know what options I have,” said Khashayar.

Khashayar plans to stay in-state for her college education. She is an aspiring doctor and has been preparing for the long years of medical school following her undergraduate years.

Batcheller understands how difficult it is for students to decide in high school what they want to do for the rest of their lives: “It is hard to know at 16 what you want to do and that is why many people go to college undeclared,” said Batcheller.

The workshops were intended to provide tools for effective planning and an environment free from distractions, where careful consideration and consultation can take place.

Private college advisers were also present to offer assistance to students.