Newcomers Win Senior Leadership Offices

Mia Calusic, Staff Writer

Three students who have never before been in the Leadership class have been elected as Senior class officers for next year. Chris Wright will be president, Abby Burns secretary, and Julia Rossi social secretary for the class of 2017.

Elections for the 2016-17 class leadership occurred on April 21.

Next year’s junior class president, who is returning to the leadership class, will be Cassie Nguyen, while Jay Thomas will be the junior secretary, Paul Gannett the social secretary, and Derek He the treasurer.

The sophomore class president will be Matt Gagan, vice president Katie Claire, secretary Hillary Weaver, and Treasurer Giorgio Allesandria.

Next year will be Gagan and Weaver’s 2nd year in the leadership class.

Matt Gagan is excited to have a 2nd year as class president and is making plans for his sophomore year: “I plan to be a little more active, doing a little more fundraisers,” he said.

“I wanted to contribute to my school. I love working with people and I love my class. I figured this would be the best way to express myself,” said He.

For his boy scout Eagle Project, Wright practiced his leadership skills by lobbying for an outdoor basketball court for the campus. Wright said his goals are “making senior year go as well as possible and making sure dances and school events are well planned and well produced and also having good school spirit at sporting activities.”