Professionals Present Career Options

Dree Ivanoff, Staff Writer

As a complement to the English 10 career project, sophomores were offered a glimpse into the professional world during Career Day on March 23, held during the extended 4th period.

“We were just trying to make it more accessible so that if they wanted to do like a Psychologist we had, he came and spoke so he’d talk about all the things. As a contact kids would have an easier time contacting that person outside of school, so they can say ‘hey can I set up a personal interview with you?'” said college and career counselor Joan Batcheller.

Students submitted their top interests from the 20 available speakers, which included a police officer, a bakery owner, an aviation employee, an attorney, and a computer graphic artist.

The program was staffed with parent volunteers. “They had 3 choices. Most of them got their 1st or 2nd choice of what career they wanted to go to, but they’re all in different rooms from their normal 4th period, so I was running around making sure they all got where they needed to go and make sure all the speakers are taken care of and all that good stuff,” said parent Rebecca Singh.

Speaker Valeria Tyndall said an early start to career planning is important. “It was hard because I didn’t know about it until older in life, so what I told students was that you choose the right next step for you, for example engineering, you like your science and math classes so you go to engineering and then in engineering and then you think about which specific options,” she explained.

“When I was in college I went to a bunch of different classes that were like today’s Career Day that helped me figure out what I wanted to do, so I didn’t know much when I was in high school and I wish I learned more,” science teacher Tren Kauzer said. “I think that experiencing 1 career day while you’re at Campo is a good idea so you have ideas of what different careers you might want to do later in life.”

“I think it would be good freshman year and sophomore year ’cause those are both years that are pretty influential with colleges and stuff like that,” said sophomore Will Wright.