Quadcity Dance Reunites Friends

Maya Jenn, Staff Writer

Sophomore leadership students from Acalanes, Campolindo, Las Lomas, and Miramonte, have organized a “Quadcity” dance for all sophomores in the Acalanes Unified School District.  The event will be held on the evening of March 11 at Acalanes.

The casual dance will be hosted in the big gym at Acalanes from 7:30 to 9:30pm. Tickets are on sale for $10 from February 22-March 4 at lunch in the quad.  Proceeds benefit the sophomore class ASB prom and ball fund.

The Quadcity dance is similar to the Tri-City dance, in which all 3 of the middle schools in the Moraga school district converged for a dance at the Lafayette Recreation Center.

Next to the Acalanes gym will be a patio like area for people to take a break, and the small gym will be open for students to play ping pong.

“It’s to almost provoke unity throughout the other schools ’cause we have a lot of competition between each other, however this dance is supposed to bring the classes together,” said sophomore class president Leah Bahramipour.

Acalanes, Campolindo, Las Lomas, and Miramonte must each sell 150 tickets in order to pull off the event.

“At one point I was a bit hesitant to think about going, but because it’s something different and new. I’m excited to say that I will be going with my group of friends,” said sophomore Amari Zhang.

“Because I play club sports, getting back together with my friends from the other schools will be cool, so I am really excited to be going,” said sophomore Grayson Gillbanks.