Mock Legislature Hosts Candidate Meeting

Mariel Rossi deVries, Staff Writer

As darkness fell on the evening of October 26, students filed into the PE classroom, decked out in costumes, for the Halloween Youth and Government meeting. The meeting was meant to introduce candidates for elected positions in the state-wide YMCA sponsored program, while also celebrating Halloween.

7 speakers from other delegations in the Bay Area, known as the DaBiz cluster, spoke in an effort to gain support for their campaigns.

The meeting was called to order, then candidates senior Katia Eaton, freshman Nate Levine, junior Roman Kaludi, seniors Gloria Waxman, Cameron Castello, Simone Stevens and Libby Stolecki spoke about why they would be the best choice for potential voters.

According to Stevens and Levine, Y&G positions give students the opportunity to develop leadership skills, try out future careers, and overcome fear of public speaking. “This is the 2nd time I have ever spoken in public, but I feel I am already getting used to it,” said Levine, who is running for Sergeant at Arms, the keeper of order in the Senate.

Although some lack experience, all spoke about their dedication to the leadership program. While making his introduction as a candidate for Speaker of Assembly, Kaludi tossed his notecards aside and walked out from behind the podium to address the audience.

Simone Stevens hopes to use her experience as a president of the Berkeley delegation and forum Lieutenant Governor to be a good Pro-Tem, a position under Senate Vice President. Members of the Diablo Valley delegation, freshmen Mia Asuncion and Maxine Gill, will also be running for positions in the court meetings.

The meeting ended with a contest, where the delegation used parliamentary procedure to vote for their favorite costume.

The competition came down to a tie between juniors Shannon Golbert as a”Ceiling Fan” and Saskia Lamb as a “Ghost Buster,” and a group of 3 who dressed up as the parts of a judge (with junior Tommy Yee as a gavel). All 3 received prizes.