Power Failure Doesn’t Foil Lesson Plans

Andie Cohen, Staff Writer

Campus and surrounding neighborhoods experienced a power outage from the beginning of 2nd period through most of 3rd period on September 25.

Associate Principal Karen Findlay reported that the power outage did not cause any damage to the school. Findlay attributed the outage to a problem with a electricity lines somewhere off campus. “PG & E said that I think there was a cable that was cut, or something was cut,” she said.

According to Findlay, the neighborhoods around campus were also affected.

While many student were no doubt eager for the power failure to cause a cancellation of school, others were realists about the situation. “The power outage didn’t affect me; I knew we weren’t going to be able to go home,” said freshman Gaby Rego. “I wasn’t really hoping that we’d get to go home, because I knew we weren’t going to be able to.”

Spanish teacher Leticia Del Toro-Gasquy, who took the opportunity to teach her course on the patio outside her room said, “We just had to adapt quickly and think of a way to cover the same material in a different matter.”

“We just went outside, and got some natural light and went over things kind of slowly and carefully and still made a decent use of the time,” Del-Toro added.

Teachers received an email from Principal John Walker during 3rd period explaining that electricity would be restored by noon at the latest and that classes would proceed as usual.