Burgled Science Room Prompts Security Review

Rachel Jin, Lifestyle Editor

The D-10 classroom was broken into during the weekend of September 12.

Evidence of the break-in was first noticed by teacher Stephanie Verbanszky, who teaches chemistry in the room.

Assistant Principal Erin Pope said that much of the information regarding the break in remains unknown. “All we know is that D10 was broken into via a window,” she said.

There are currently no leads about who may have unlawfully entered the room. Pope said, “We’ve looked at camera footage, we’ve used technology to try and find out. But we still don’t know.”

Verbanszky said, “The evidence that we have that someone was in here was just that two of the windows were tampered with that could allow students to come in. There were footprints from when they climbed in.”

What the apparent burglars were after also remains a mystery. “There was no evidence that anything on the inside was taken or damaged,” said Verbanszky. “So we don’t know what they were doing in here.”

The case is being handled like any other breaking and entering incident. The administration “reported it to the police, and they came out and took a look,” said Pope.

The school is now considering adding additional security measures as a result of this most recent classroom break in.  Classroom break ins also occurred during the 2015 spring semester. “We had a discussion about how they [the police] can support us and preventing future break ins,” Pope said. “We’ve discussed security, cameras, things like that, so prevention technique has been discussed.”